The Teaspoon Times is a unique blend of satirical news stories, highly specialized advice columns, and quirky op-eds with one goal in mind: to brighten your day with laughter.

If you have been wondering exactly how the state of Texas died, ever desperately needed advice about coat hangers, or needed to share your frustration about LOPs who ruin every movie you go to, you are in the right place.

Meet the staff of The Teaspoon Times:

Editor-in-chief: Timothy Stephen Pike
Poetic License Columnist: Margo Morgan
Staff Writer: John Johnson
Layout: Rhonda Washington
Lion Tamer: Bentley Higgins, III
Dream Doctor: Jack Norse
Ski Instructor: Kelly Lin
Navigator: Olga Martinez

Check this out!

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at http://www.teaspoontimes.com

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5 responses to “About

  1. thanks for stopping in and following me – good thing you have a ski instructor on your staff! best, beth

  2. Believe me, it’s come in handy more than once!

  3. I nominated you for an a “Shine On” award. Go to http://funnyphilosopher.wordpress.com/ (6-18) for details.

  4. Hi tim, thanks for stopping and following our blog.

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